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24/50: Easy

Title:  24. EASY
Pairing(s): KyuMin [Girl Min]
Rating: R – Attempted Suicide
Genre:  Angst / Drama
Summary:  It’s never easy to escape from the one whom you love.
A/N: Open-Ending.

* I Own Nothing But The Fic *

“Run.  Runaway to where you can Min, but I would still find you and catch you.  When that time comes, when I catch you, you would then forever be locked up in my life.”


Min struggled against the force holding her down.  Despite knowing martial arts, she was helpless and at the mercy of the man who was of a stronger than her.  Min threw her head back and after experiencing blinding pain run seep in from the back of her head and run all over her body, Min closed her eyes as darkness engulfed her.  She lay limp on the bed, at the hands of her captor who shook her and threatened her whilst taking off her clothing.


Everything was hazy and blurred.  She looked around and rubbed her eyes.  When she opened them, she found herself standing in an arts studio.  Min looked around and then, the doors opened and Min saw herself with her best friend Hyuk, Dongie, Wook and Hae walking in.  Min stood in the corner as she saw herself and her friends painting their project whilst dancing and goofing around.  The tears, which had pooled up, were sliding down her cheeks, without her even realizing it, till she felt the wet trail on her cheeks.


Hyun was the head of the police force.  He ran into Min during one of his cover operations.  He had been rummaging through his belongings, looking for his “Lucky” ring, which was given to him by his deceased parents.  He stopped when he saw a pair of pink pumps before him.  Hyun looked up and was greeted by a dazzling smile, pasted on a very beautiful face, completed with foxy eyes and plump red lips.  He looked at her outstretched hands and saw his ring on her palm.

Instead of going with his group with his group for the operation, Hyun found himself following behind Min (for which he was reprimanded).

Gradually, after Hyun managed to succeed in the operation, Hyun and Min met up often and fell for each other.  Soon, they got engaged, with the blessing and love of family and friends.  When Hyun had to leave abroad, Min decided to follow him along, leaving behind her current life.

Soon, Min became nothing but a showpiece in Hyun’s house but she didn’t mind because at the end of the day, Hyun would return and shower love on Min, making her feel like a ‘Queen’.

However, she was restricted and her activities were limited.  She was not allowed to work.  Hyun ensured that she would stay at home, stepping out only when with him, for the fear that harm would befall her when she steps out. 
“Stay in the house, where I can return to.  Stay where I know you would be safe, so that my heart can continue to beat normally, so that I stay sane.”


Hyun rushed into the room, banged the door open and froze in his spot as he saw a man lying on top of Min, his head buried at the crook of her neck.  His team rushed in from behind and surrounded the bed, their pistols pointing at the duo on the bed, one of whom was gradually opening her eyes.

Min opened her eyes and blinked a few times.  She registered a weight being lifted off her.  She blinked furiously and looked around herself.  Registering her state, she sprang up and pulled the blanket to cover up herself.  Holding on dearly to the blanket, she looked around and her blood turned to ice when she made eye contact with Hyun, who was standing frozen at the doorstep.

The couple stayed fixed in their positions.  The pair of eyes which used to be glued, staring away into each other, was now turned away from one another.  She sat on the bed, clutching tightly to the blanket, eyes staring out of the window whilst constantly being decorated by tears.  He remained rooted at the door, his eyes fixed upon the floor as various emotions ran through them


From that day, the relationship between the duo changed.  The couple who used to be together, were now distant.  Min, who used to be cheerful, radiant and lively, had resorted to medicines to keep herself up and walking.

Hyun, as much as he tried to be by her side, was not able to bring himself to the position he used to previously occupy.  He was constantly haunted by the image he had been greeted with.  With those image, guilt and regret would come by and loom around him.  All that Hyun could do was to bring he would bring himself to stand by Min’s bedside every night.  He would stand there, taking in her form, which had changed drastically from the first time he had met her.  He would stand there, searching for the joy and happiness which you used to decorate the pale face.


Min watched out of the window.  She watched as her heart clenched in pain.  She watched Hyun smiling at their neighbour.  She watched as he assisted her with her car, the smile constantly pasted on his face.  She watched and wondered when the last time had been when Hyun had smiled at her.  She watched the duo before turning and looking at her reflection.

Min looked at the reflection and thought back to the time when she had been raped and Hyun had entered the room, seeing her with nothing but a blanket to cover herself.  Min watched her reflection as it started scoffing at her.

“You are a slut now.  You are nothing but filthy dirt.  Why would he even want you?  Why would he even smile at you.  You mean nothing to him now.  You are nothing.”

Min picked up the glass lying on the dressing table and threw it at the mirror, allowing it to break into pieces, decorating the floor.  Min glared at the pieces before she bent and picked one up.  Slowly, she brought it and sliced it across her wrist, leaving behind a trail of blood.


Hyun smiled at his neighbour, seeing Min in her.  He smiled at her, wondering when the last time was when Min had smiled at him.  He smiled as he assisted her out, constantly seeing Min in her.

After her car had been fixed, he headed back into his house and went to his study room.  He picked up his file and went out, stopping in his tracks when he felt uneasy.  He searched for Min and stopped, freezing once again as he saw her, lying in a pool of her blood.



Slowly opening her eyes, Min blinked while adjusting to the brightness of the room. Min looked at the other person in the room.  Hyun was seated in the corner, looking on at Min, lying peaceful on the bed, with only the machines beeping, giving the indication that she was still alive.

Min sat and recalled her childhood, the interest and love she had for drawing, the enthusiasm she had shown for her class and school dance competition.  Min looked at herself lying on the bed and wondered when had it all changed?  When had she given up the space Art had occupied in her heart to this man?  When had she become from someone who worked hard, practicing hours and hours for a dance competition to change into someone who lived only for the love of this man?


“I am leaving you.”  Min said to Hyun, who had moved from the corner of the room, to her bedside the moment she had opened her eyes.

Hyun froze in his spot.

Min continued.  “I was never this weak.  I was a fighter, I had fought with my parents and teacher to continue my dream of being an artist while working hard to be a dancer but it all changed when you came into my life.  Your entry in my life took away the love I had for Art and Dance.  You took away the space the occupied and filled yourself in.

Your presence in my life became greater and greater by the day until I was no longer anything without you.  You made me so dependent on you that I found my heart bleeding whenever I tried imagining being away from you but I don’t want this anymore.  I want to be the old Min again.  I want to find myself again, go back to being the way I was.”

“So you mean to say that you can’t find yourself when you are by my side?”  Hyun gritted out. 

Min nodded.  Hyun walked to the wall and hammered his fist onto it, scaring Min.  Min sat there; fear running through her as she stared at the man whom she had fallen for.

Pointing at Min, Hyun hissed out, “If you think you can run away, go ahead and try.  If you think you can live without me, go ahead and try.  But don’t forget this: I would hunt you down.  I would search the whole world if I have to, but I would find you.  You…  can never…. run away from me.”  He looked at her once before turning and walking out of the room, slamming the door behind him.


“The world is huge Hyun.  I am sure that I would be able to hide from you.”

When Hyun entered the room again, he found it empty.


“The world is small Min.  It is even smaller for someone trying to hide.  I would find you and I would bring you back. 

I know that things have changed but I would make it all better.  I would work hard this time to make sure you don’t suffer.  I would work hard to make you smile again.  I would bring back the joy and laughter which used to hang around you.  I know that it would not be easy but I would make it work.  I would find you and make you mine again.”

Min looked back at the hospital once before turning and getting into the cab.


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